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About DSR
Consulting Services
Professional Services
Consulting Services

Our overriding mission in Consulting Services is to provide the best in class solutions to our clients who prefer to focus on their core business and look to their partners to support them in streamlining their business processes and reducing cost. We know we have to be better than the competition at lower cost to succeed.

DSR is a client focused global Information Technology Services provider. We offer:

Professional Services
When it comes to your business, TIME IS MONEY.
DSR Management Inc. provides a full range of IT Professional services for its clients in North America, the Middle East and India. As IT Professional solutions has been a core business for us, we have invested heavily in building a practice that our clients have come to expect nothing but the best.
QA Services
Web2.0 services
Engineering Services

Break/Fix Maintenance & Asset Management
DSR provides an integrated service offering for your IT hardware.
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