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DSR Management Inc. provides an integrated service offering for your IT hardware enabling you to:
  1. Consolidate your maintenance & repair contracts.
  2. Maintain One point of contact for all repair needs.
  3. Monitor & control the repair cost and history of each asset.
  4. Automatically renew your maintenance contracts.
  5. Eliminate administrative inefficiencies.
  6. Reduce your cost of repair & maintenance.
  7. Better manage and track your IT assets.

We can deliver this service to you because we have negotiated preferred pricing with most global OEM's and/or authorized service providers. The preferred pricing plus our web based management tool will enable you to focus on your business rather than unprofitable administrative efforts. Very simply, DSR gives you a uniquely simple service and will guarantee reduction in your cost structure.

Please call one of our associates to give you a demo on how you can start better controlling your maintenance & repair costs of IT hardware regardless of where in the world they are located.

Call us at 847-328-6355

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