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DSR resolves the issue of SAP End-User Training and Comprehension that are difficult to achieve with a custom-built cockpit.

Following are the key features of the DSR Cockpit:
  • The end-users view the workflow in an intuitive way based on the processes which they need to follow, whereas in the background, all the standard transactions are carried out within SAP. This ensures that SAP is used precisely as designed and unmodified. By controlling data validity before acting on the data, the cockpit removes wrong data and also eliminates misuse of transactions that are part of daily life of any software.

  • The cockpit is primarily developed to follow operations and many transactions may be carried out outside of the cockpit through standard transactions. However, the cockpit is the central point of access for all SAP transactions that the end-user is authorized to use in SAP. It provides double-click access to SAP transactions and also access to the documents that are created and changed in the overall work processes.

  • Multiple cockpits can be defined to meet the requirement of different users and as the structure is database-driven, the defined actions can be presented in different ways. Different cockpit sets can be added to the authorization profile of users in SAP, ensuring that a user access only transaction and data that has been authorized.

  • The cockpit combines data from multiple sources together and present it to users in a comprehensive way. The cockpit sits above the transactions and any data and functionality that does not have a natural home in standard SAP are handled by the cockpit whilst all important data are reflected in the standard transactions of SAP and the cockpit.

  • The cockpit reflects the intelligence of the company and combines all additions in single-point of reference instead of splitting the modifications within Standard SAP transactions – so it is easily understood and is controllable.

  • The cockpit is a powerful tool for holding and transferring data, all data is visible to the user and is highly flexible and can be modified to reflect changes in requirements. Users require little or no training to use the cockpit as they select the data record and by pushing on buttons carry out the desired actions.

  • The cockpit is the route to SAP without pain.
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