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Functionality in Katalyst Direct Store Delivery supports the relevant business processes for route sales and distribution that occurs commonly in beverage, food and grocery industries.

Katalyst Direct Store Delivery would also apply in any business where there are planned periodic activities at customer or prospect sites that incorporate a territory where sales and product deliveries and associated collections occur.

Katalyst Direct Store Delivery plugs and plays for organizations where SAP or other ERP platforms are installed.

The Katalyst Direct Store Delivery incorporates the following capabilities:

Outbound telesales.
Sales support / route sales via laptop, PDA or smart phone.
Driver sales: sale from truck inventory and/or sales for next delivery via ruggedized PDA’s.
Route truck load preparation:
  • Picking / Packing.
  • Stop by stop dispatching.
  • Loading.
  • Printing labels,bills of ladings.
  • ASN generation with EDI, XML and/or E-mail transmission to Customers, brokers and customer service reps.
  • Load, customerand invoice information uploaded to driver handheld unit running SAP’s Mobile DSD solution.
Store delivery on the route:
  • Product drop-off.
  • Pick-up of returns / late dated or expired product.
  • Sale of additional product from truck via PDA.
  • Customer invoice generation reflecting the above transactions (printer on truck).
  • Record customers electronic signature (PDA).
  • Collection of customer payments.
Truck check-in:
  • Inventory contents of truck and transfer back to warehouse inventory.
  • Confirm empties and returns.
  • Confirm receipt of payments from driver.
  • Upload route customer transactions from handheld to Katalyst Direct Store Delivery back-end.
Electronic Settlement
  • Easy review of all route related transactions from Settlement Cockpit screen.
  • Automatic posting of inventory that was delivered and returned with update to customer and driver accounts.
  • Customer account updates for empty deposits and returns.
  • Apply cash collections.
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