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Companies are in constant search of enhanced efficiency and competitiveness. Executives relentlessly seek the best business solutions to enable their strategic growth and enhance operational and financial performance. Yet, top executives and directors also need to manage costs, risk and time associated with such initiatives. Katalyst Direct Store Delivery is a plug-&-play solution that offers the best of both worlds:
No Gaps: Katalyst Direct Store Delivery is an end-to-end business solution built to meet the financial accounting (external) and management accounting (internal) process requirements. The solution also includes an advanced profitability engine that will allow you to obtain single dimensional (product, customer, region, etc) or multidimensional (product by customer, etc.) profitability reports in real-time.
Risk-free: We recognize the importance of the risk associated with the deployment of software solutions. To overcome this, we have inverted the traditional approach of software solutions deployment by developing, integrating and testing our solutions extensively in our labs. Our solutions engineers work with our industry principals to ensure the ready-to-run nature of our solutions which eliminate all deployment risk of our solutions.
Cost-effective: We offer a complete solution and not services to build one. Working closely with the industry allows us to develop and integrate industry best practices into our solutions that are delivered out-of-the-box at the time of deployment. We allocate significant resources to our research and development for continuous enhancements and ‘productization’ of our Katalyst solutions. This product oriented model enables DSR to deliver tier 1 solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional implementations.
Accelerated-time-to-Value: Katalyst Direct Store Delivery is plug & play. This allows you to accelerate the time for return-on-investment. Our 8 to 10 deployments and comprehensive scope allow you to leverage the solution to establish the desired financial controls and management from day-1.
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